Guidance on Wills

The purpose of making a Will is to safeguard your family, wealth and wishes.

Your guide to Making a will- The Law Society

We offer a fixed price service and will store your Will in our Strong Room free of charge.

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Guidance on Probate

‘When someone dies, you’ll need to get the legal right to deal with their property, money and possessions (their ‘estate’).

England and Wales

You may be able to apply for a ‘grant of representation’ - known as ‘probate’. You can apply yourself or use a solicitor or another person licensed to provide probate services.’

UK GOV Wills, Probate & Inheritance
Your guide to Probate- The Law Society

The website details what to do if there is a Will, and if there is no Will. If you choose to use a solicitor to administer the Estate, we can provide an estimate of how many hours work would be required and our hourly rate together with any anticipated disbursements. Please call 01900 823127 or email us for a bespoke quotation

Guidance on Lasting Power of Attorney

The UK Government define when you can make decisions for someone:-

‘They can ask you to do this:
now - for example, while they’re on holiday
in the future - for example, if they lose the mental capacity to make their own decisions
You can also apply to a court to help someone make decisions if they don’t have mental capacity now.

When someone can choose you
A person must have mental capacity when they choose you for short-term or long-term help with decisions.’

The Law Society guide below although titled ‘Financial matters for older people’ does explain the different types of Lasting Powers of Attorney and the information you will need, which applies to adults of all ages.
Your guide to Financial matters for older people- The Law Society.pdf
Essential information and forms are also featured at simply search ‘Lasting Power of Attorney’. If you decide to instruct a solicitor to create and register a Lasting Power of Attorney, we do offer a fixed price service.

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The Law Society can provide their information leaflets in other formats and selected languages on Request. Please