Graham Quigley- Principal Solicitor

Road Transport Law/Motoring – Wills & Probate – Lasting Power of Attorney – Residential Sales & Purchases - Commercial Property- Employment Law- Probate - Advice

Graham Quigley is a Scot born in Glasgow who has lived in England since 1961. He is a keen golfer and interested in sport generally. He has been involved in groups since coming to Cockermouth in 1974 including the Town Council, Round Table and Rotary. He is a Solicitor with specialist practice in Goods Vehicles and Bus and Coach Operators. He makes himself available in and out of office hours when required and enjoys meeting new people and new challenges.

Graham has acted on thousands of conveyancing transactions over the years and has an excellent knowledge of the local area, sometimes resulting in acting more than once on particular properties. He is the ‘family solicitor’ for many families in the community, often advising and acting on matters for many domestic purposes such as conveyancing, Wills and Lasting Power of Attorney’s and estates. He has strong working relationships with his ‘older’ clients, though is enjoying welcoming many new clients since the office relocated to a more prominent position on the Main Street in Cockermouth in 2019. Graham can communicate with clients of any age and is genuinely interested in getting to know his clients and act in their best interests.

Graham no longer acts on matrimonial matters or court work (with exception of motoring and road transport) though does provide initial advice on areas such as property disputes and employment issues- if he can provide some initial advice which may resolve the matter at an early stage, he is more than happy to help. He has provided advice for many people on Compromise Agreements and supports people to seek further representation if they require matters to be heard in the Courts and Tribunals.


Shirley Quigley- Practice Manager and Personal Assistant to Mr Quigley

Shirley Quigley was born in Cockermouth. She started with the firm 43 years ago as a YTS. She is the Practice Manager and Personal Assistant to Mr Quigley and helps out in all other aspects of the office duties. She used to be a keen runner in her younger years and enjoys her holidays and visiting new and exciting places. She enjoys meeting new people and new challenges. She is very bubbly, determined, conscientious and helpful.

Shirley has a sound knowledge and substantial experience of supporting Graham in his practising areas of work. She can recall details from transactions which have taken place many years ago and shares the strong working relationships Graham has with his clients, often accompanying him on home visits and consultations.

Sometimes clients approach the firm during difficult times of their lives, particularly when they have lost someone. Graham and Shirley provide a warm space for people to offload their troubles if they need to and hopefully leave feeling a little better leaving than when they arrived. Equally, they do celebrate people’s positive times such as purchasing their first new home.


Jo Devoy- Office Manager and Administrator

Jo Devoy is the Office Manager and also undertakes many administration duties. Jo first worked for the firm in 1997 and left in 2000 to pursue a career in teaching, progressing to a Senior Leadership role. She re-joined the firm in 2015 and is enjoying ‘being back’.

Jo was raised in Cockermouth and has a good knowledge of the area and the community. She believes in team and multi-agency work to improve services and has worked with the public all of her career. She is currently undertaking a personal goal to achieve her greatest level of fitness.

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